There are a few options worth considering for some, or all, of your box frames. These upgrades might highlight the natural beauty of your windows or have a practical purpose or both...


  • Sash chain

Sash Chainf For Sash windowsIn certain sizes of box frames (the very large ones!) we heartily recommend considering sash chain to replace the standard rope as a safety measure and also to avoid over-straining the ropes during regular use. This, however, is only one of the advantages of sash chain...

It looks fantastic, creating a visual effect somewhere between a portcullis and a guillotine. The chain is available in a number of weights and finishes and it is guaranteed not to fray in service so rope maintenance is effectively negated.

  • Ventilation Locks

Ventilation Locks for Sash WindowsThese are additional locks placed into the top sash to stop the lower sash being raised beyond a certain height.

This has the additional advantage of allowing a passage of air into the room during the summer months whilst avoiding draughts while also being confident that intruders cannot gain access through a partially opened window.

They are available in range of finishes to match the other window furniture.

  • Angel Vent-Lock

Angel Vent-Lock for Sash WindowsWe like this invention from a user-friendliness aspect as well as the fact that it is a very clever idea... they also work very well and look great. Once again, they are a ventilation lock but, unlike the standard models, they do not require keys and are child safe.

They are sunk into the face of the upper sash and can be engaged simply by flicking a cam lever – straightforward in operation, elegant and safe.

  • Sash Weights

We can supply your windows with the weights required to counterbalance the sashes, you can also choose to permanently fix either the top or the bottom sash – this is sometimes wise for windows above ground level that are particularly low or where the top sash is particularly small and is not expected to be used.

The world price for lead changes on a day to day basis and, although we endeavour to use as much steel as possible to make the correct weight, lead is bound to be a feature of most of the weights used in our depth of frames, they are, after all, practically identical to the originals yet the sashes are twice the weight! Due to fluctuations in the day-price of raw materials we are happy to quote you for your weight requirements however this would be done after we have priced the joinery.


There are a number of systems available to help with cleaning of the outside of the windows, providing a means of escape or assisting our older customers with operating the windows. If you have a particular requirement, get in touch and we will research the best system available and give you a price accordingly. We are here to help.


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