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We have a formidable portfolio of designs to offer: some have been included on this website though space and commercial consideration have kept us mindful of the need for brevity. This being said, even in our broader catalogue of designs, you still might not find the joinery component that perfectly suits the needs of your project. Don`t be disheartened, the chances are that we will be able to custom build a solution for any realistic concept that you, or your architect, might conceive.

About UsOur design team, working both traditionally and with the latest computer modelling techniques are at your disposal for that special item for which a supplier might be difficult to find.

Our methods are straightforward yet thorough. We work in many dimensions when approaching a conceptual design, not merely "lenght, breadth and depth": the element of time is integral to any joinery construction. How long will it last? What is the likely maintenance schedule? What materials might age most sympathetically with the item`s surroundings?

Thought is also devoted to another important factors, e.g. how would the item best be transported to site? What is the least disruptive and most simple method of installation? What guidance might the fitting team require? An apparently cost effective design may fall down on any of these points and push your budgets into the red both in terms of money and time. We consider our duty to think about these points on your behalf and to advise accordingly.


vilniusThe ancient city of Vilnius is an artistic enclave; remarkably it somehow maintained this status during the decades of Soviet rule, and, as a result, we are perfectly placed to cater for our client`s more "esoteric" requirements. We have long established associations with skilled lead-workers, decorative glass specialists, carvers and turners all who are based locally. The level of their expertise is breath-taking and their cost, compared to Western counterparts, is very competitive.

It would be unrealistic to try to be "all things to all men", however, we are passionate about our craft and we hope this is consistently demonstrated by the products and services we offer. We wish to push the "art" of joinery forward well into the 21st century and, who knows, maybe beyond?

For further information on the full range of services we can provide, please feel free to get in touch.

Timber Windows

Butler & Bowler windows maintain the aesthetic of a traditional window manufacture with the benefits of innovative design and incorporating modern technology. Maintenance is a breeze.

Wooden Doors

Timber Doors

Butler & Bowler uses the latest door manufacturing technology that allows our products design versatility and optimum performance.


Bespoke Joinery

This section is still under construction. Content will be added soon.